Popular 'Lime Truck' chef gives free meals and shoes to frontline medical workers in fight against COVID-19

Daniel Shemtob launched his shoe brand right before the largest pandemic in modern history, so now he's using his resources to give back.
LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Four years ago, chef and entrepreneur, Daniel Shemtob had the idea of a better work shoe for his fellow hospitality workers, medical staff, and any profession requiring you to be on your feet all day. Four years later he had no idea that he was about to launch his shoe brand, Snibbs, right before the largest pandemic in modern history.

"For four years we put in all the hard work, and we launched right at the beginning of COVID-19 in the States... I realized it was out of my control, what I can do, what's in my control is giving back," Shemtob told ABC7.

That's when he started Sole Support, a free meal and shoe delivery offer for frontline medical workers fighting against the coronavirus. The concept is simple, anyone can nominate themselves, or any medical staff, for free meals and shoes. If chosen, Shemtob will take his award winning food truck, "The Lime Truck," and his Snibbs shoes and deliver them for free.

"So the idea of supporting people's soles with our soles and giving them food to warm their souls... and also to give my guys hours... so it was a win-win, I can support my guys who have been with me for 10 years, and I can support the healthcare workers who really need help right now," said Shemtob.

If you would like to nominate healthcare workers for Sole Support visit solesupport.snibbs.co.
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