Strangers buy car for Texas man who walked miles to work

ROCKWALL, Texas (KABC) -- A 20-year-old Texas man's 3-mile daily walk to work has inspired a group of strangers to collect enough money to buy him a car.

Justin Korva walked 3 miles to and 3 miles from work in the blistering Texas heat every day. He was saving for a car.

Andy Mitchell spotted Korva walking to the suburban Dallas taco restaurant where he works and offered him a ride.

Korva's story inspired Mitchell and some of his friends to secretly set up a donation box at a local restaurant.

The Rockwall community saw it and responded in a big way. Within days, $5,500 was donated.

A Toyota dealership got wind of the story and cut the price of a used Camry.

Mitchell and others surprised Korva with the car on Friday, and the worker's overwhelmed reaction was caught on video by Mitchell's wife.

"Everywhere I go, loads of people are just, you know, 'How's the new car?'" Korva said. "It's a blessing. I feel like after they gave me a car, I feel like I just want to pass that on to everybody, because a lot of people need that - to really know like, keep going, you know what I mean?

Donations from the community were so abundant, Korva's insurance is paid for the year, plus he has a $500 gas card.

His advice to anyone who wants it: "Keep your head up, because you never know what's coming up."
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