Mom hilariously oblivious to daughter's new engagement ring

(America's Funniest Home Videos/YouTube)

Wow. Some moms just can't take a hint. Watch as a young woman desperately tries to get her mom to take note of her new engagement ring with little success.

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The young woman flashes her hand in front of her mother's face while making a comment about getting her nails done, but all her mom can see are her new earrings.

Even the man filming tries to help, asking, "What about your nails?" But again, no success. Mom just keeps chatting away about her daughter's hair, clothes, anything except the sparkly, new diamond ring on her finger.

It isn't until the young woman sticks the ring directly in front of her mom's face that the new bauble is finally noticed. The mom is speechless, save for all the joyful screaming.
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