Vietnam vet scratches beyond surface to tell veteran stories

Vietnam veteran William L. Reynolds spends much of his time telling the stories of fellow veterans for the Santa Clarita Valley Signal.

"It all happened by happenstance," said Reynolds.

After learning of his extensive work in the veterans community, the local paper asked him to be the director of veterans affairs, a responsibility Reynolds accepted and takes very seriously.

"I don't want to miss anything. I don't want it to be wrong. I want it to be perfect for that veteran," Reynolds shared.

Some say love is in the details and Reynolds exemplifies what that looks like. He takes time to scratch beyond the surface when conducting interviews, including questions about their love stories. It may be because he has quite a story, too.

"It was like lighting," Reynolds said of falling in love at first sight.

After a few dates, he spontaneously proposed, and the young couple eloped on the spot. He and Meg have been married for 48 years.

When featuring Robert Good, he learned details even Good's family didn't know.

"I can't thank Bill enough for stepping up to the plate and doing what he's doing for veterans, and I feel it in my heart," said Good.

The Purple Heart and Bronze Star recipient has been honored by the City of Santa Clarita for spearheading the Fallen Warriors monument. He was also one of several veterans who joined President Donald Trump in Vietnam last month.

While he doesn't get paid to write, Reynolds finds value in honoring those who serve.

He got emotional describing when it really hit home after hearing from a WWII vet in his 90s.

"He stopped and he said, 'You know, Bill, my family doesn't even know about this stuff,' and he says, 'It just means so much to us,' so I knew this was solid," Reynolds said.

"I get emotional talking about it because what he does, not many folks can do or will do," Good added.
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