West Hollywood holds 1st-ever bisexual pride celebration

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- The city of West Hollywood made history Saturday night by hosting its first bi-pride celebration.

Organizers said it's the first city-sponsored bisexual pride event in the nation. A large crowd gathered at the auditorium in West Hollywood Park to listen to music, check out vendor booths, eat, drink and have fun.

The auditorium gathering came after an afternoon filled with activities, including a visibility walk and party.

Organizers said many people in the bisexual community have not come out to their loved ones because they struggle with the stigma and stereotypes associated with their orientation.

"The meaning is to give visibility to the bisexual community, who still gets prejudice and judgement on a daily basis - that's one thing," said Seti Shyne, with the Lesbian Gay Advisory Board.

Mary Jo said the event made her see that she has a community of people she can connect with.

"I have people around me who are my brothers and sisters that I can rely on and be open to and be who I am," she said.
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