With Love Market and Café aims to improve health in LA

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Just a few hours before opening day, some got a sneak peak of With Love Market and Cafe, a new neighborhood grocery store that promises to bring change to the underserved community of Southwest Los Angeles.

"We want to bring a variety of healthier, more natural items that just don't exist in a lot of places in our community...instead of more potato chips and everything else," said founder Andrew McDowell.

It's no secret that obesity runs high within minority communities, in part due to the lack of healthy and affordable options. McDowell said he wants to serve and help his neighborhood at the same time.

Besides groceries and coffee the new business aims to become a community hub by offering something no one else does.

"We want to help you figure out what is good for your family to eat, what is healthy," said Karla Vasquez, director of community programs.

Vasquez said the plan is also to offer health and wellness programs, group activities, seminars and meal planning.

"You tell us what you want to do because we have that hybrid model of the business and non-profit," she said. "It gives us that flexibility that we can really cater to the needs of the community."

Many residents in the area said they were grateful for the new and necessary opportunity to improve overall health in the community.

The 3,000 square foot neighborhood market is located in the El Salvador community corridor and will be open for business on Monday.
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