Daughter of WWII soldier's sweetheart wants to return dog tag to his family

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A woman has a mystery on her hands after her mother's death (KTRK)

A woman is trying to solve a WWII mystery -- she wants to return a dog tag to the family of an American serviceman who was pen pals with her mother during the war.

Brenda Finch says her mother had been pen pals with several servicemen during WWII, but one was in particularly smitten.

Ervin R. Perry declared his love for Miss Mildred Castle each time he wrote to her, even sending her his dog tag to wear close to her heart.

"It makes you think for someone to send you their dog tag, you'd think they would think you're pretty important," Finch said.

Now Finch is trying to find another woman who may have been an important figure in Perry's life -- his sister Azalea.

"I can't put into words," Finch said. "You know, dog tags I think mean everything to people. This man, he might have grandchildren or great grandchildren by now."

Azalea Perry's name and address was also on the dog tag. Finch isn't sure if she ever married, but she's tried calling every Perry in the area in hopes of finding her or Ervin's family.
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