Struggling father recounts being gunned down in South LA

SOUTH LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A father of three was ruthlessly gunned down, left seriously injured and unable to support his family.

The bullet that hit Oliver Limon exited through his left eye and damaged the nerves to his right eye, leaving him with blurred vision.

The father of three was waiting for an Uber after a birthday party in South Los Angeles when another car pulled up.

"They were asking us where we're from and I went and told him, 'You know what, we don't do that and we don't know anything about that,'" recalled Limon.

Limon said the guy pulled out a gun and started shooting. He turned to run and two bullets grazed his body and one struck his head.

Limon's wife, Patricia Hernandez, is thankful the suspects, who remain at large, didn't kill her husband.

"They don't think, like, what they're doing is hurting a family. You know, the person they hurt -- they have kids, they have a wife," she said.

The random act of gun violence has left Limon unable to work installing kitchen cabinets and tile. His wife started a GoFundMe page.

Social services gave the couple presents to put under the tree to make sure the children have a merry Christmas.

"I'm just praying to God to recover my eye so I can get back to work to support my family," Limon shared.

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