Diehard Dodger fans swarm Griffith Park to hike

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- It's not every day you see an army of Dodger fans taking over the trails of Griffith Park.

"It shows that we are united," Richard Moreno, Dodger superfan, said.

Moreno was one of hundreds of fans who took part in a traditional hike started by the Dodgers Blue Hiking Crew 4 years ago.

"People look forward to this hike," Carlos Berruz, Co-founder of the Dodgers Blue Hiking Crew, said. "It's a great way to kick off the Dodger season for us."

The hike usually happens a week or two before opening day, depending on the weather.

"I choose Griffith Park because of the view, the skyline view, the backdrop of the City of Angeles," Berruz said.

At times, crowds of about 700 fans have swarmed the trails.

"Any photo that anyone takes here wearing their Dodger gear and LA in the back drop, what more do you want?," Berruz questioned.

Fans say the 3-hour, 6-mile hike to the top is worth it.

"This is another way of showing our loyalty as fans," Moreno said. "We did it and I'm glad I didn't pass out."

The next hike planned for this group is if the Dodgers make it to the World Series or next year before opening day.

"This is outdoor therapy, it's free," Berruz said. "You only to pay with a little bit of sweat and time."
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