Dodger legends team up with South LA kids to help fire victims

SOUTH LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Dodger and World Series fever has taken over Los Angeles, and as part of Major League Baseball's partnership with the Boys and Girls Club, a group of Dodger legends came here to South Los Angeles to do some good outside the ballpark.

Orel Hershiser, Nomar Garciaparra, Ron Cey, Steve Garvey and MLB commissioner Rob Manfred partnered with South L.A. kids to help fire victims in Northern California. The group filled bags with tissues, books, protective eyewear, masks and of course Dodger gear.

"The victims of the wildfires are going to be very thankful for what we've been able to do, so it's a community effort. We try to help in any way we can, and when people go through natural disasters, everybody's got to chip in," said former Dodger third baseman Ron Cey.

Although the kids who participate in the Boys and Girls Club activities come from challenging circumstances themselves, they have homes, and many fire victims do not. Organizers say it's important to teach these kids that giving back matters just as much as receiving.

"Major League Baseball gets so much from the fan base because they support us, and then we as players and ex-players have gained so much from the game, so to give back, it just brings it full circle. The Boys and Girls Club are a huge part of our future, future generations, so why not start at the ground level with people who need a little boost," said Hershiser.

Northern California has a lot of Giants fans, so it's unclear how they will feel about their new Dodger hats and towels, but if they're rooting for the National League in the World Series, the Dodgers are their team.
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