Garcetti: 2028 Olympics to bring big benefits to LA

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and the head of the International Olympic Committee spoke Monday about why the 2028 Summer Games were awarded to LA and what the city needs to do to prepare.

Garcetti said the areas to tackle, like traffic homelessness and housing, will provide benefits to Los Angeles long after the Games are over.

The city, he said, is already working hard on those issues for its own sake.

"But with the Olympics coming? Trust me, I remember this from '84. We're all going to want to put in even extra time," Garcetti said.

Meeting last week in Peru, the IOC awarded the 2028 Games to Los Angeles as it also gave the 2024 Summer Olympics to Paris - the first time two cities were awarded the games at the same time.

IOC President Thomas Bach said the unusual decision was made because committee members were having trouble making a decision.

"They were happy to have this solution because it would've been very, very difficult for them to really decide between Los Angeles and Paris," Bach said.
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