LA Coliseum to host first golf event

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum has hosted college football teams, NFL teams, the Dodgers and the Summer Olympic Games. On July 14-16, golf will join that list.

Stadiumlinks plans to transform the space into a nine-hole golf course. Nearly 900 golfers will hit from tees placed around the middle and upper decks of the Coliseum with a unique scoring system.

"If you hit it in the stadium, that's a double bogey. You hit it on to the grass, but don't get it on the green, that's a bogey. You get it on to the green, but not within the circle, that's a par. You get it within the circle, birdie. Hole in one, you win the hole," said Coliseum senior associate director Brian Grant.

Grant also added that all fans of the Coliseum should enjoy the experience.

"Fans of anything that we've done throughout history that get a chance to participate in this and add to another thing in our history books," he said.

Registration for the Stadiumlinks Coliseum golf event can be found here.
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