Youth league parents worried about losing ball fields if Torrance district sells the land

TORRANCE, Calif. (KABC) -- Parents in the North Torrance Little League and Girls Softball League are worried their kids will no longer have a place to play if the Torrance Unified School District sells the Hamilton Adult School on 182nd Street.

The district said it is contemplating the possible sale of the 10-acre property, which includes the ball fields the two leagues use for baseball and softball. Both leagues have been using the fields since the mid-1970's.

Over the summer, the Torrance Unified School Board appointed seven community members to a committee that will determine whether the land is surplus property, making it eligible to be sold.

"I'm concerned that we aren't being involved in this process and we should be," said Tracy Hernandez, who is on the executive board of the girls' league.

The two leagues have at least 400 players, and parents said if the property is sold, those kids will not have a place to play.

"There's not a lot of land available, so if they've got to move us, they've got to move us a long ways away," said Paul Prybylla, of the North Torrance Little League.

The school board insists the process is still in its early stages and it will be another two to three years before any action will be taken.

The board also said it is committed to working with the league on finding a resolution to the issue.
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