Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti wants talks on 2024 Olympics

EXPOSITION PARK, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- From the athletes to their families to the spectators, the Special Olympics World Games have attracted tens of thousands of people to Los Angeles. Now, the possibility that the actual Olympic Games could be coming back to L.A. in 2024 has many Angelenos excited.

On Monday, the city of Boston announced that it was no longer interested in hosting the 2024 Games. The U.S. Olympic Committee nominated Boston as a possible host city in January. But the USOC said that it wasn't able to get enough public support and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said he wasn't willing to use tax dollars to pay for cost overruns.

If the USOC wants to stay in the race, L.A. has now become its likely choice.

L.A. hosted the 1932 and 1984 Olympics. Mayor Eric Garcetti said Monday that he is eager to resume talks with the USOC on the possibility of bringing the 2024 Games to Southern California.

"I continue to believe that Los Angeles is the ideal Olympic city and we have always supported the USOC in their effort to return the Games to the United States," the mayor said in a statement. "I would be happy to engage in discussions with the USOC about how to present the strongest and most fiscally responsible bid on behalf of our city and nation."

While plenty of people on the streets of L.A. are in support of hosting the 2024 Games, others worry about the financial impact to the city and the traffic.
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