Osa Masina removed from USC as police investigations continue

ByKyle Bonagura via ESPN logo
Wednesday, September 14, 2016

As a result of investigations in two states regarding separate allegations of sexual assault of the same woman, USC Trojans linebacker Osa Masina is no longer welcome at the university, according to his attorney.

"He's now been removed from the school all together, not just the football team," Salt Lake City-based attorney Greg Skordas said. "He's not allowed to practice. He's not even allowed to be on the campus."

The university informed Masina of its decision on Friday and allowed him until 6 p.m. on Monday to vacate his campus residence, Skordas said. Masina returned to his family home in Salt Lake City on Sunday.

USC coach Clay Helton announced Tuesday that Masina and teammate Don Hill, who is also under investigation for sexually assaulting the woman, will no longer take part in football-related activities.

"Under the university's further guidance, it has been decided that they have been suspended from participation with our football team," Helton said.

Neither player was allowed to play in the Trojans' first two games of the season, but they continued to practice with the team and attend meetings. It is unclear if Hill will be allowed to continue going to class.

"Based on additional information obtained by the university, Osa Masina and Don Hill have been suspended from participation with USC Athletics and the football team," USC said in a statement. "To protect the rights of the students and comply with federal privacy laws no other details will be provided."

According to details in a search warrant and affidavit obtained by ESPN from Los Angeles Superior Court, both players are accused of sexually assaulting a woman in Hill's off-campus apartment in July.

Masina is also under investigation for a second sexual assault of the same woman in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, on July 26.

Neither has been arrested or charged.

If charges are filed against Masina in Utah, Skordas said he will surrender to authorities.

Masina was served with a search warrant on Aug. 25 to collect DNA samples and his cell phone, which he allegedly used to film himself having sex with the woman and later send the video to the woman's ex-boyfriend through the social media application Snapchat, according to the affidavit.

Four days after the search warrant was executed, Helton announced Masina would not travel with the team to Texas to play Alabama, citing a "violation of team rules."

Hill initially made the trip, but returned home after details of his involvement became public.

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