Palos Verdes Peninsula High School ends varsity football season due to injuries

ROLLING HILLS ESTATES, Calif. (KABC) -- The administration at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School in Rolling Hills Estates has canceled the rest of this season's football games for its varsity squad due to numerous injuries on the team.

Students are showing their school spirit in support of the team, which had three games left this season.

"We feel like both the administration and coaches let us down," senior football player Jack Grimes said. "We're not exactly sure whose idea was it in the first place, but neither one of them would fight for us. Our coach we always thought had our back, and he showed that he doesn't have our back."

"I'm extremely angry because it affects cheer and the band and football teams and all of our school spirit," student Cat Phillips said.

Only the JV team was out on the practice field on Wednesday. The school says varsity players will be allowed to play in the next two JV games, but many seniors say that's not how they are going to end their final season.

"I think it's sad for the administration and for the school to shut down something like football because they always strive for perseverance - that's what they push at this school and for greatness - and I feel like they just cut us off and didn't give us a chance to persevere in this time," football player Paxton Shive said.

Peninsula began the season with 27 varsity players but have lost a handful due to injuries.

In a statement, Principal Mitzi Cress says, "...we no longer believe that we can safely field a varsity team without putting the health of our remaining student athletes in jeopardy."

"We all signed waivers saying that if we get hurt that we agreed to do it, so I just don't think it's fair that they did this," football player Cameron Ghaffari said.

"I just think it's the wrong approach. They need to find out what's wrong and correct it," parent Alan Snow said.

Students have launched an online petition in support of the team. Many are demanding the athletes be allowed to finish their season with the team they started with.

"I think to stop at this point is really unfair to everyone who's been working hard this season," student Jack Cahill said.

Many of the senior football players say they will not be playing in the JV games.
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