Recovery and technology leading the charge for elite athletes

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Velocity Sports Performance in Redondo Beach is using high-tech equipment to help elite athletes train smarter. (KABC)

Today's elite athlete trains smarter, not just harder.

"Recovery, is something you can't do enough of," said Giddeon Massie, a former Olympic cyclist.

Massie and other pro athletes train at Velocity Sports Performance in Redondo Beach because the facility uses technology and places a priority on helping athletes recover from the stress of training.

"If your muscles aren't in the right condition, they can't perform their best," said Ken Vick, Velocity Sports Performance CEO.

Cryotherapy has also become an athlete favorite.

"I do it as often as i can. There's a lot of good science behind it." Giddeon said.

Giddeon and pro beach volleyball player Chaim Schallk spent three minutes in a cryotherapy chamber, where the temperature dropped to 169 degrees below zero.

As it gets colder, the blood races to protect the heart and flushes out damaging toxins in the process.

"Cryotherapy helps because it threatens the body to adapt. It's so cold, it threatens your body and your body knows how to take care of it. It improves the immune system and the central nervous system," Vick said.

Recovery has multiple options for over-worked muscles. They use a float pod to help recover the mind.

Inside the float pod is 1,000 pounds of salt, enabling the athletes to float. The water is body-temperature. Once you close the lid, you've eliminated sound, sight and any pressure on the body.

"This is like accelerated meditation. It accelerates your opportunity to clear your mind. Now that's not always easy," Vick said.

And there's nothing easy about becoming an elite athlete.
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