ROUND-THE-CLOCK 'ROYALS'? World Series loyalties seep onto radio airways

(AP, Shutterstock (Stock image of the Kansas City Royals))

Lorde's hit song "Royals" is getting royal treatment in Kansas City, and it's all thanks to baseball.

One of the city's pop music stations, 99.7 The Point, will be playing the song every hour on the hour leading up to the Kansas City Royals' first World Series game against the San Francisco Giants Tuesday.

This comes in response to San Francisco radio stations banning the song from their airways after complaints from Giants fans.

Lorde has said that the Grammy-winning song was inspired by a 1976 photo of Royals player George Brett, and she even met him in March, as the Kansas City Royals tweeted.

Many fans are saying the whole debate is backwards and that the lyrics to the song--such as "We'll never be royals" are actually anti-Royals. Lorde, who is from Australia, has yet to weigh in on the subject.

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