World Series 2017: Graffiti artist uses South LA house as canvas to express Dodger fever

SOUTH LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- With Game 7 of the World Series set to get underway on Wednesday, expressions of Dodger fever were visible throughout Los Angeles - including South L.A., where a Realtor hired a talented graffiti artist to paint a house Dodger blue.

"I think that it's amazing," Dodger fan Bruce Jackson said as he stood in front of the single-story home. "I've never seen anything like this a day in my life."

The structure's roof and chimney were painted completely blue, while the words "Home of the Dodgers" were emblazoned across the front entrance.

Sammy Gonzalez, who lives nearby, was also impressed.

"I think this is cool right here," he said. "That's why I came out of my way to come check it out, man. Nice."

A likeness of Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner was painted on one side of the house, which will probably be demolished as previously planned, according to the Realtor.

"I think it's very creative," neighbor Jennifer Carter said. "I think it's such an L.A. thing to do."

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