Sterling trial: Donald takes the stand

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- It was a packed courtroom as Donald Sterling took the stand Tuesday in the trial over the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers.

The day was described as intense, and at times bizarre and comedic. But almost every time Donald was asked a question, it resulted in a very angry response.

On many occasions, Donald would deviate from the original line of questioning and would often insult his wife Shelly's attorney. His answers at times were also very sarcastic.

In one emotional moment during a break in court, Shelly walked over to Donald and hugged him. He then kissed her hand.

But when Donald took the stand, he insulted his wife.

"My wife can't run anything. She's beautiful and I love her, but she can't run anything. I'm trying to generate as much success and revenue for my trust," he said.

"Am I doing this for my ego?" he then asked Shelly's attorney, who replied yes.

"Yes? You're wrong, just like you've been wrong with every question you've asked," Donald said.

Lawyers on both sides had very different takes on Donald's performance on the stand.

"I think the claim that he lacks competency is a sham. It's absurd. And I think that should become more obvious to all of you today," said Donald's attorney, Bobby Samini.

"You guys can draw your own conclusion, you heard the guy on the stand," said Bert Fields, Shelly's attorney. "Is this a guy you'd employ to sell hamburgers?"

Adam Streisand, Steve Ballmer's attorney, agreed.

"You know you can't help but feel a little sad, sympathy for the man, because he clearly is not working with all of his faculties," Streisand said.

Neither Shelly nor Donald spoke to reporters Tuesday, though Shelly did speak to an Eyewitness News producer in court. She said she wanted to cry as other people in the courtroom laughed during some of Donald's outbursts.

At issue is whether or not Shelly Sterling had the right to take over of the family trust that controls the Clippers. She took over after two doctors found that Donald has Alzheimer's and was incapable of running the trust.

That allowed Shelly to move forward with plans to sell the team to ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for $2 billion. But before Ballmer signs the check, he wants the court to validate Shelly's actions.

Donald's attorneys say he was tricked into taking the tests and that he is perfectly capable.

Donald Sterling will be back on the stand Wednesday afternoon.

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