VIDEO: Runners help fatigued woman finish half-marathon in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (KABC) -- The 2017 edition of Philadelphia Love Run Half Marathon, which was held Sunday, will perhaps best be remembered for a moving demonstration of sportsmanship that occurred near the finish line.

As seen in news video that has since gone viral, an unidentified female runner was exhibiting signs of extreme fatigue as she neared the end of the race. Multiple participants ran past her, but two fellow runners took her by each of her arms and began helping her to continue.

The trio moved forward for more than a dozen paces as the woman struggled to maintain her footing.

A third man then appeared and scooped the woman up into his arms. He carried her until just before they reached the finish line, then set her down.

Visibly drained, the woman hobbled across the finish line with a little help from her newfound friends.
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