Zach LaVine pranks Jamal Crawford in fake PSA for Children Without Hoverboards

LA Clippers guard Jamal Crawfordthought he was just doing his friend a favor and supporting a good cause by shooting a public service announcement for Minnesota Timberwolves guard Zach LaVine's "charity."

Sure, Children Without Hoverboards seemed like an odd name, and the shoot's director was a bit eccentric and demanding. But Crawford stuck it out because he's a trusting friend.

"Probably too trusting," Crawford told Jimmy Kimmel after the segment aired on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Friday.

Turns out, LaVine had teamed up with Kimmel, Cousin Sal and actor Thomas Lennon to pull one over on Crawford for the ABC show. LaVine sat backstage laughing as Crawford, with eye drops applied to his face as tears, bemoaned the "hover-ific" plight of hoverboard-less children.

All the while, Lennon toyed with Crawford's patience, telling him to spin in circles, yelling at children participating in the shoot, and asking the 37-year-old guard to do an airborne stunt.

Finally, LaVine emerged, demanding to know what was going on before revealing that the whole thing was a prank.

You can watch the full segment below:

LaVine and Crawford are separated by 15 years in age, but the Seattle-area natives have previously compared their relationshipto that of two brothers. The little brother got a shot in this time, but now he might need to watch his back.

When Kimmelasked Crawford if any retaliation is planned, he replied with a smile,"If it is, he'll never know. Just you and me.

"He got it coming."

-- David DeChant
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