Stimulus check update: Here's what you can do if your stimulus debit card was lost or destroyed

CHICAGO -- The IRS recently started sending out debit cards with stimulus payments on them, but some people said they threw the cards away because they thought it was a scam.

Lorraine Vanek of Northwest Indiana said she destroyed the card and isn't sure how she is going to recover her stimulus money.

"Because normally when the government sends you anything, the last time we got a stimulus, it was with a check, not like a credit card," she said. "Oh honey, I'm hoping you can help get that stimulus back."

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The IRS says people who lost or got rid of their Economic Impact Payment debit card can request a free replacement by calling Metabank, the U.S. Department of Treasury's financial agent, at 800-240-8100.

More information about stimulus payments and the Economic Impact Payment debit cards can be found at
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