String of burglaries target Malibu, Hollywood Hills homes

HOLLYWOOD HILLS, Calif. (KABC) -- Police are searching for the suspects responsible for a rash of recent burglaries targeting homes from the Hollywood Hills to Malibu with the thieves making off with thousands in jewelry and cash.

The latest crime was caught on security video.

Darren, who wanted to be identified only by his first name, captured on security video his Malibu home being burglarized.

"He does spend quite a bit of time making sure nobody's home," Darren said of one of the suspects seen on video.

The burglary happened just after 11 a.m. last Thursday.

When it's clear no one is home, one suspect heads to a waiting black Jaguar vehicle.

Moments later, he's joined by two others -- one armed with a crowbar.

"They put the crowbar in and pried the window open. They didn't break it," Darren said.

Darren said the suspects ransack the home in less than five minutes.

A safe, jewelry and other valuables were stolen, Darren said.

The suspects left in a newer model black Jaguar with no license plates.

"It was crushing because when we got home there was mud everywhere. Purses everywhere," Darren said.

A day earlier, LAPD said video captured two suspects burglarizing a home in the Hollywood Hills.

Like the Malibu case, one suspect makes sure no one is home, then let's another man in armed with a crowbar.

Minutes later, police said the suspects leave with jewelry.

They too take off in a newer model black Jaguar with no license plates.

At least one of the suspects in each case looks very similar.

While police try to see if there's a connection between the two cases, Darren calls what happened to him a double whammy. His home suffered smoke damage during the wildfires and they had just returned home after three months away.

"Got it all back together, then someone breaks into our house and steals our stuff," Darren said.
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