Strong wind knocks down large trees, including one that nearly misses hospital

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Thursday, March 2, 2023
Strong wind knocks down tree that just misses patients in hospital
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Cars were left crushed and a hospital nearly destroyed after strong wind knocked over several large trees across Southern California

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Crews for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power are working to fix power lines and clean up damage left by large trees that fell due to high winds in recent days.

A massive tree in front of the Barlow Respiratory Hospital across from Elysian Park in Los Angeles was uprooted, coming just feet away from landing directly onto where patients were being treated.

Video shows a man standing in comparison to the tree's roots, and he is not even half its size.

"It's a very large tree and we got very lucky that none of our employees or patients got hurt," said Amit Mohan of Barlow Respiratory Hospital. "It could have gone 20 feet in the other direction and we would have been looking at a disastrous scenario."

Another tree in Pico-Union fell over onto a parked car, shattering its rear windshield.

Large trees were also spotted down in both Inglewood and Brentwood.