19-year-old student dies after he's rushed to hospital from Fresno State fraternity

FRESNO, Calif. -- Heartbroken family members pleaded with Fresno Police Wednesday, trying to understand how a young man's visit to a fraternity house ended with death.

"Because they are trying to say it's not a murder, and it is. Someone gave him Fentanyl," said a friend of the victim.

Friends say the 19-year-old Fresno State student was visiting Delta Sigma Phi during Winter break when someone handed him a pill. Police have not confirmed that information.

The young man's friends claim he lay unconscious for hours on the front porch of the fraternity until help finally came.

"Not good but determined to get to the hospital," said a friend of the victim.

Was he talking in the car?

"No, he was unconscious," said a friend of the victim.

Police say by the time they received the medical call for help the young man had already been taken to St. Agnes and was pronounced dead.

Detectives spent hours interviewing people who lived inside the fraternity.

Members of Delta Sigma Phi did not answer the door when we tried to reach them but the national office sent out a statement, saying quote "While the investigation continues, it is important to note that this was not connected to any chapter event and occurred during the school's Winter break."

But that is little consolation to his friends and family who say the school and community lost a brilliant mind.

"Neurosurgeon, rapper, fashion designer, there was a lot on the plate. There were a lot of things he could do," said a friend of the victim.

Dreams his friends say will never be realized.
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