Sugar and Spicy: a candyland of aguas frescas

LA MIRADA, Calif. (KABC) -- Sugar and Spicy is a new business in La Mirada catering to your most unexpected food and beverage cravings.

"An antojito is like a snack or a craving. We want to share it with everybody," said Miguel Romo, director of operations.

And just as the rhyme goes, along with sugar and spice, here they also have everything nice. It's a candyland of aguas frescas, or fruit drinks.

The sugary part are the premium michelaguas. It's essentially aguas frescas with a few added ingredients. There's horchata, sandia, pineapple, spinach, mango, cucumber and lemon. The michelaguas were developed years ago and they have "perfected them," according to customers.

First, you choose your agua fresca, then they top it with fruit, but what gives it the "wow" factor is the house-made chamoy sauce, which the cup is rimmed with and then coated with tajin.

The very popular chamoy is a sweet sauce made of plums and tamarind, which enhances the aguas frescas.

And for a rush of more fun, try the "Mangoneada," a refreshing drink made with ice, mango nectar and chamoy.

Now for the spicy part of the menu, they offer traditional Latino foods, like tacos, quesadillas, and Cuban tortas, but they also make L.A. classics, like a bacon dog. Yum!

And last, if there's any room left in your happy tummy, there's the "Krazy Kup" bar, which is stocked with all kinds of amazing goodies and you can fill it to overflow with all your favorite munchies.

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