Santa Clarita: Stolen-vehicle suspect surrenders after leading chase with shredded tires

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. (KABC) -- A suspected car thief led officials on a wild chase with shredded front tires before surrendering to authorities in the Santa Clarita area on Thursday.

The suspect traveled in a silver Mustang reportedly stolen out of Palmdale.

The driver moved at low-to-moderate speeds on Santa Clarita surface streets while passing through red lights and stop signs.

Authorities attempted PIT maneuvers and used spike strips, which tore the vehicle's two front tires.

One of the tires began smoking at one point, but the driver continued traveling on surface streets at speeds of about 40 mph.

One of the front tires was eventually completely lost, but the vehicle was able to continue traveling on the rim through the Newhall area.

The driver was going westbound on Highway 126 when he made a U-turn and went eastbound on the 126 toward Six Flags Magic Mountain.

The vehicle finally pulled over along Henry Mayo Drive and Wolcott Way as three units parked right behind him.

The suspect threw his arms up as he stepped out of the vehicle.

He appeared to comply with officers as they took him into custody without incident.
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