Suspected drug lab found inside home in gated Burbank community

BURBANK (KABC) -- Authorities were investigating Thursday what appeared to be an elaborate drug lab hidden inside a large home in an exclusive community in Burbank.

The Burbank Hills subdivision has a gated checkpoint for security, but little did the residents know, their safety was one spark away from being shattered.

"It could potentially take out the house if not an entire city block," said Burbank Police Sgt. Derek Green, referring to the lab at a home in the 3400 block of Castleman Lane.

A neighbor called police early Thursday morning to say the door to the home was open, their dog was out and all of the lights were on.

When officers arrived, they discovered a sophisticated honey oil, or hash oil, processing lab inside.

"That process is extremely dangerous. You're dealing with solvents that evaporate quickly, they become flammable, combustible, and creates a potential for explosions and fire. In a home, it's very dangerous," said Sgt. Green.

AIR7 HD captured bags of what appeared to be marijuana in the garage of the home. Investigators said that is what is used to produce the oils being manufactured at the home.

"The honey Oil, hash oil, is basically concentrated cannabis oil. It can be smoke, ingested, vaporized. It can be added to other drugs to increase their potency," Sgt. Green said.

One man found inside the home was detained while investigators determine if he is linked to the drug operation.
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