All-new Cadillac Escalade for 2021 brings new look, high-tech interior

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Just as Americans are buying more SUVs than ever, long-time American luxury brand Cadillac has given its flagship SUV a big makeover. The Escalade is all-new for 2021, and arrives with even more luxury and technology than ever.

It's been more than 20 years since the first Escalade arrived in showrooms, a thinly-disguised variant of the Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon. Since then the big Caddy sport utility has gone on to win the hearts of music stars, athletes and others looking for size, style, and prestige, and are OK with a price tag that sometimes crosses into the six-figure range. This time around, a crisp new look that announces Escalade's presence.

But it's inside where this large luxury liner really shines. Forward of all the leather and other niceties is this huge curved OLED screen. Basically, high-definition for all your controls. The ultimate touch screen if you will, with things like an advanced 3D navigation system. There's also a studio-quality sound system that literally came from the recording studio world. Rear seat passengers get enhanced tech as well.

In the early years, there wasn't much different between the Escalade and General Motors' other large SUV models from Chevrolet and GMC. But as each generation has been developed, the Cadillac brand has had more and more say into how the vehicles are built from the get-go.

Like the other big 2021 SUVs from GM, the Escalade shares a new independent rear suspension. This not only improves the ride, but interior space as well. The ride is further enhanced with a suspension that benefits from both air suspension and magnetic ride controls.

This big Caddy has come a long way in five generations. It was no secret that the first Escalade in 1999 was very similar to the Yukon in many ways, just with more window dressing. But as the Cadillac has become more important to the overall large SUV program, its GM siblings have benefitted from overall platform updates.

To that point, if you want a less expensive alternative to the Escalade, the 2021 GMC Yukon is nipping at its heels in many ways, notably in the upscale Denali trim. Still not cheap, but not six figures either.

Though for many who crave the ultimate in Cadillac luxury and size, not to mention the cachet of the name, only the Escalade will do. This time around, brimming with even more high-tech luxury.
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