Company creates 'Birdly,' a virtual reality flight simulator

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Everyone loves birds and some incredible technology is bringing people's dreams of becoming one into a reality.

The desire to fly spurred the Wright Brothers to build a plane. Now it's spurring a Swiss company to build a virtual reality flyer appropriately named Birdly.

But Birdly isn't just virtual reality - it's also a fusion with robotics. The weight limit for the system is 450 pounds, which is a big bird. It costs $175,000 for one.

That explains why the company isn't looking to put the items in living rooms. They are designed for science centers, museums and other public attractions.

So far, it is going through a trial run. But Andy Wood, vice president of Somniacs, the company that makes Birdly, said they will soon be popping up in Southern California and other parts of the country.
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