iPhone X high-tech security measures could deter thieves

PASADENA, Calif. (KABC) -- "I was the first person in line. I waited for 14 hours. Since 6 p.m. yesterday. Finally got my iPhone X right here," said TJ Liedel, who purchased his iPhone X at the Century City Apple Store.

Liedel bought two phones and said he's never spent this much money at an Apple Store.

"It's a little tough, but hopefully I can sell the second phone so if you need a phone, call me," said Liedel.

Thieves may also be interested in selling the iPhone X. But security expert Joe Petrillo compliments Apple for improving the phone's security, going beyond remote erase and "find my phone."

"It takes three-dimensional pictures of your face. Even if you have glasses on, it looks through your glasses. Secondly, it records a four-digit code pin so you have a higher level of security. So, even if somebody grabbed the pin, you can't use the phone," said Petrillo.

With so much interest in the iPhone X, the hardest part may be getting it safely to stores.

In San Francisco, three men broke into a UPS truck outside an Apple Store that was delivering 313 new iPhone X devices. It was a $370,000 theft.

"They see the value in it. They hear $1,000, they're attracted to it, so we're always going to have that problem in society," said Petrillo.

Besides facial recognition, new features include a souped-up camera and augmented reality.

"The whole screen. It feels like a different phone. You don't have any physical buttons anymore. It's all just gestures, so feels like the next step of where cellphones are going," said Gabriel Huerta, who bought his iPhone X at the Pasadena Apple Store.
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