Lines shorter for release of iPhone 8 in Pasadena and other stores

PASADENA, Calif. (KABC) -- It's the moment Apple fans eagerly wait for - the official release of the tech giant's latest products.

But one thing was very different this year when the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus hit stores.

No one showed up at the Apple Store in Pasadena overnight.

And only about 20 people were in line for the opening.

It was a stark contrast from years past, when the line stretched down and around Colorado Boulevard.

Some in line wondered if the iPhone mystique is starting to wear off a little. Others thought true Apple fans are waiting for the November release of the iPhone X, a deluxe version marking the iPhone's 10th anniversary that will retail for nearly $1,000.

"I thought I would be in good company, but I guess not," said Chris Miller of South Pasadena, who was surprised by the shorter line. "I just came early to get it over with. Maybe the buzz with iPhones is waning a little bit?"

Miller was planning to buy the iPhone 8 Plus, and felt like paying $1,000 for the X "just felt weird to me."

Others think the long lines will return when the X comes out.

Another theory on the underwhelming response is that more people are buying their phones online.
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