New high-tech home in OC demonstrates blazing-fast Internet connection

RANCHO MISSION VIEJO, Calif. (KABC) -- If you love your smartphone, how would you like an entire smart home?

A futuristic home in Orange County is built around an Internet connection so fast it makes yours look like it's standing still.

Cox Communications was demonstrating its new gigabit-speed Internet service.

The company wired a Rancho Mission Viejo home with so many fast connections that at the same time: a violinist was giving online music lessons; online gamers conquered a snowy planet; an automated machine washed windows; middle-school students got an online lesson in crime solving and a mechanical dog hopped around.

The $99-a-month super-fast connection would allow, for example, 1,000 photos to be downloaded in about 16 seconds, according to Cox spokesman Ryland Madison.

Author, gamer and online host Genese Davis is hooked on the speed.

"If you have a slow Internet connection, you're gonna spend a lot of time in the game waiting for your game to catch up," she said.

Cox says it's the first company to bring gigabit service to Orange County residential customers.

Google announced earlier this summer it too is bringing gigabit service to Irvine.

Which means before you know it you'll be playing the violin, solving murders, conquering worlds, cooking dinner, washing your windows and playing with your robotic dog all at the same time.

Sleep not included.
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