Power Glove, Nintendo toy from 1980s, used to make movies

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Power Glove, an old Nintendo toy from the 1980s, is now being put to use making movies.

It was Nintendo's coolest video game gadget in 1989 - even the centerpiece of a feature movie with child star Fred Savage, "The Wizard."

The Power Glove did not last, but Dillon Markey, a local stop-motion animator, has made it one of the tools of his trade.

"I just want to share what's inspiring to me with other people," said animator Dillon Markey.

Markey says it was the perfect fit for his job. He must reposition everything -- arms, eyebrows, eyeballs -- moving the character 24 times to make just one second of video.

He had been using a handheld pad. But that tethered him to the computer. And he lost time walking back and forth to shoot one little shot.

Enter the Power Glove. He reconfigured it so that all he needs is always at his fingertips. What Markey has learned is that with the Power Glove, he can work a lot faster, and that helps creativity.

Markey hopes pros as well as do-it-yourselfers try it too.

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