Rep. Ted Lieu of SoCal talks Trump impeachment efforts in wake of riot at Capitol

WASHINGTON (KABC) -- Democrats filed a single article of impeachment Monday against President Donald Trump for incitement of insurrection. The vote could happen as soon as Wednesday and ABC News is reporting the House has the votes.

This would make Trump the first president in U.S. history to be impeached twice.

"He has done something so serious that there should be prosecution against him, said Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi during an interview.

"Remove a dangerous and delusional president. Second is to make sure that he never runs for office ever again and he's stripped of his taxpayer-funded benefits like a pension, office space and staff. And third is to let future generations know that when there was a violent attack on our Capitol, that Congress responded swiftly and strongly," said Rep. Ted Lieu of Southern California.

The impeachment article also cited Trump's call with Georgia's Secretary of State urging him to find the votes for the president to win Georgia. Law enforcement continues to round up Trump supporters who engaged in the riot last Wednesday. Larry Rendell Brock was seen carrying zip ties and wearing tactical gear. He was arrested after his ex-wife contacted the FBI.

Two Capitol Hill police officers have been suspended for their actions during the attack.

"One was the selfie officer, and another was an officer who had put on a MAGA hat and start directing some people around," said Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan.

As many as 10,000 National Guard troops will work Joe Biden's inauguration, a number that could rise to 15,000. President-elect Biden was asked whether he was security fears.

"I'm not afraid of taking the oath outside, and we've been getting briefed, but I am -- I think it's critically important that there be a real, serious focus on holding those folks who engaged in sedition and threatened people's lives, defaced public property, caused great damage, that they be held accountable," said Biden.
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