'Tenet' star John David Washington says movie will mesmerize, confound, make you miss traveling

John David Washington says don't try to understand his new movie 'Tenet': rather, go for a ride and just feel it.
HOLLYWOOD -- The title of the new movie "Tenet" is a palindrome... a word that reads the same backward and it does forward. The film's star, John David Washington, offered a couple of nuggets to help moviegoers maneuver their way through this complicated movie.

"Don't try to understand it. 'Feel it' is a nugget. And I think you have to start- think about the title, 'Tenet,' a palindrome. So think about that as far as the story flows," said Washington. "So when it begins and then how it ends, think about how that relates to what a palindrome means."

"Tenet" involves international espionage, a plan to stop World War III and a mission unfolding in something beyond real time. It weaves an intricate story.

"It's a great form of escapism. You're going to be mesmerized. You're going to be wowed. You're gonna miss traveling," said Washington. "You'll have a desire to want to visit some of these places like Mumbai or the waters of Denmark where's there's wind farms on them. I think there's just a wide range of wonder and spectacle that you want in a film. For two and a half hours, I guarantee you that you will not be thinking about your bills. You won't be thinking about, you know, COVID. You won't be thinking about anything but what you're experiencing."
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