Tesla motion sensor cameras record woman keying car in Colorado

BROOMFIELD, Co. (KABC) -- A Colorado man is asking for help in finding the woman who keyed his Tesla, after she was unknowingly caught on tape, thanks to nine motion sensor cameras attached to his vehicle.

After he noticed the damaged, Alan Tweedie immediately reviewed the video and filed a police report.

The video shows a woman walking up to the car and dragging a key on the side of the Tesla, then walks away.

He posted the video on social, which has gone viral.

"It really speaks to the level of anger for a crime like this that so many people are willing to spread it and share the word and try to help us find her, because nobody likes this," Tweedie said. "This is my car but it could be yours next."

Tweedie said he does not recognize the woman or know why she keyed his car.

Because the damage is estimated at more than $2,000, police say the woman will likely face felony charges.
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