Premature pop births #ChampagneGate on 'The Bachelor'

NEW YORK -- Peter had a rough time on "The Bachelor" this week. He starts off having to deal with Hannah B. and her uncertainty and then later some major drama in the house involving a very, very important bottle of champagne.

Hannah B.
Peter and Hannah B. continue to hash out their relationship. The problem? Peter is supposed to be on a group date with several other women. They're all anxious to get to know Peter, but quickly discover he's nowhere to be found. He's backstage with Hannah as she continues to flip flop with her feelings. One minute she says she made a huge mistake, another she says she doesn't know if it's just the fact that he didn't hurt her that makes her feel the way she does. You may remember last week Peter had asked if she would join the house, and she briefly considered it, but then the conversation just seemed to move away from that topic. She leaned in for an awkward kiss at one point, and Peter just said, "I can't." He couldn't go through with it. He ended up going back out to the group of women, telling them the truth and ending the date. He promised to meet up with them later when he was in a better "headspace."

Group Date Cocktail Party
Natasha was really upset about the Hannah B. situation. She did not mince words with Peter or the other women about the fact that she felt it was inappropriate for Hannah to be hanging around while they're trying to get to know him. He made a good connection with Mykenna and also with Lexi (the corvette girl) and Sydney. Sydney got the group date rose after sharing a lot of details about growing up in Alabama as a biracial young woman.

Cocktail Party before Rose Ceremony
Kelsey was very excited to share a bottle of champagne with Peter that she brought with her all the way from home. Apparently, she had been saving it for about a year to share it with someone special. She had intended to give it to him on the first night, but they ran out of time. Before she could ask Peter for some alone time, Mykenna stole him away for a chat. Kelsey was furious because she felt that Mykenna just had alone time with him during their group date and she shouldn't need more time. She flipped out on her and Mykenna apologized, but Kelsey said she didn't believe her.

As they were all sitting around and Kelsey was strategizing on how to get some time with Peter we heard a POP! That is the sound of a war starting. Hannah Ann and Peter found the bottle of champagne chilling on ice and thought, why not have some? Kelsey ran over and flipped out on BOTH of them. She was convinced that Hannah Ann knew that it was her champagne and called her a liar. It turns out the crew had a bottle of sparkling wine also set aside and the bottles got mixed up. So, Kelsey cried and argued with Hannah Ann and #champagnegate was born.

Peter did his best to try to make it up to Kelsey by inviting her to share in the sparkling wine with him. So they sat down, Peter popped the cork and said, "You don't need a glass, do you?" Girlfriend should have waited for a glass. She tried to impress Peter by taking a swig out of the bottle, but only succeeded in spraying the drink straight up her nose and all over her face. It was AWFUL. Kudos to Peter for keeping a straight face and not rolling on the floor laughing.

Rose Ceremony
Peter gave roses to:
1) Madison (last week's one-on-one, she also got a photo Peter of her with his whole family from his parents' vow renewal. Aww.)
2) Kelley (last week's group date)

3) Sydney (this week's group date)
4) Mykenna
5) Victoria P.
6) Natasha
7) Jasmine
8) Sarah
9) Lexi
10) Hannah Ann
11) Alexa
12) Tammy
13) Alayah

14) Deandra
15) Victoria F.
16) Shiann
17) Kiarra
18) Savannah
19) Kelsey (you knew he would!)

Group Date
Alexa, Mykenna, Natasha, Deandra, Lexi, Victoria F., Kelsey, and Hannah Ann, "Time to let your personality shine," the date card read. The ladies got to meet up with Janice Dickinson, Carson Kresley, and the Chief Brand Officer of Revolve Raissa Gerona. They got to pick out outfits and then model them in a fashion show.

Victoria F. had a big problem because she said that she's "shy" and "not confident" in front of guys. She does realize she's on "The Bachelor" right? Well, she turned it on for the fashion show, even putting on some lingerie and then making out with Peter on stage! What!? But, in the end Hannah Ann won the show! Victoria F. made a huge deal about it and created drama with Peter about how insecure she feels in this process.

Hannah Ann vs. Kelsey
During the group date after-party, Hannah Ann told Peter all of the mean things that Kelsey said about her and called her. It was all true, but we'll see if this strategy backfires on her. She even called Kelsey a "bully." Usually, the bachelorettes' time is best spent focusing on their own relationship with "The Bachelor" without dragging someone else into it. Peter confronted Kelsey who pretty much admitted that she doesn't like Hannah Ann, but that doesn't make her a bully. We'll have to wait to see how this situation shakes out next week.

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