Actor Dan Bucatinsky talks new ABC series 'The Baker and the Beauty'

The new ABC series "The Baker and the Beauty" is about how love can form a bridge between two different worlds.

The romantic comedy is about a love between a Miami baker and a famous supermodel, but it's also about their two families.

The Baker stands at the heart of the business run by his family, while the Beauty's family ties are more professional.

They may come from different worlds, but they meet by chance and seem drawn to each other immediately -- until her manager Lewis moves to keep them apart.

The character, played by Dan Bucatinsky, explains to Daniel Garcia that his client often dates men she happens to meet, usually after the end of one of her big romances to famous guys.

"I think you're a good guy, Daniel," he says in the premiere. "That's why it's my hope that you leave now before you get humiliated."

Bucatinsky is well known in Hollywood as a performer who often writes his own material.

"My first reaction to the script was envy," he said. "I wished I'd written it. It combines so many of the elements that all of us love to play, from romance and family and humor. I'm having a blast playing Lewis."

Bucatinsky won an Emmy for his recurring role on "Scandal," and he co-stars this time. He added that not much research was required for "The Baker and the Beauty," as he knows plenty of real-life people similar to his character.

"There are a lot of elements from certain people that I know who will do whatever it takes too get what they need done," he said. "I admire it, but there's an unedited ruthlessness to it that I find hilarious, and I do borrow from that."

Despite the best efforts of his character to separate, "The Baker and the Beauty," it appears that love will conquer all. And so far, the complications have kept me smiling. I urge you to give this entertaining series a chance on Monday nights.

"The Baker and the Beauty" airs at 10 p.m. on this ABC station, after "The Bachelor Presents: Listen to your Heart."
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