All Good News: New pop-up experience 'The Happy Place' hopes to bring smiles during dark times

Westside parking garage transformed into feel good, pop-up experience 'The Happy Place'

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Sunday, November 22, 2020
'The Happy Place" hopes to cure COVID blues
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The Happy Place' is a pop-up experience that popped up in a Century City parking garage and offers drive-thru exhibits of lights, music, and fun.

CENTURY CITY (KABC) -- As scientists scramble to find a COVID vaccine, can a cure to the COVID blues be lurking in a Westside parking garage?

Jared Paul is the man behind "The Happy Place', a pop-up experience that popped up three years ago in LA's Arts District.

"It's really like the coolest car wash you've ever driven through, and an amusement park all wrapped in one," said Paul.

Since then, it bounced around the globe only to run headfirst into the pandemic. Suddenly confetti angels and hands-on displays were not such a great idea. But "The Happy Place" folks realized now, more than ever, their pop-up needed to pop-up again.

"People need happiness, they need something to do," said Paul.

But "The Happy Place" needed a home! And they found one at the Westfield Century City Mall... 50-thousand square feet of parking garage goodness.

Welcome to "The Happy Place Drive-thru."

"You are able to roll your windows down, keep your mask on; we have a soundtrack and you enter through this amazing, fashion show, rock star light," said Paul. "And you go through a fun house tunnel, play our car-operated piano... a reimagined, over the top car experience."

The previous "Happy Place" was all about the selfies, being immersed in the exhibits. Some folks may be wondering if it going to be as much fun if you have to stay inside a car?

"100%! We've designed it knowing that you're going to be in the car," said Paul. "And for instance, being able to take your car inside a nightclub or play a piano or take it through a car wash, there's things you never would have been able to experience before."

"The Happy Place" drive thru opens Friday, November 20, and runs through early January. Tickets start just at just under $50, but that's for the whole car. Expect the entire experience to take close to an hour.