Group of former child stars take their support group online for new comedy web series 'The Quarantine Bunch'

A group of former child actors are using their own support group as an inspirational way to spend COVID-19 "shelter-at-home" time by becoming "The Quarantine Bunch."
GLENDALE (KABC) -- "The Quarantine Bunch" is a comedy about former child stars who take their support group online because of the coronavirus pandemic: how do they now relate to each other in this COVID-19 world?

Among the stars: Jeremy Miller from "Growing Pains," Keith Coogan of "Adventures in Babysitting," and Judy Norton of "The Waltons." The show takes on a heightened reality of who they all are...but it does come from a real place.

"We get together and we visit and we support each other and cheer each other's successes and are there to support each other when maybe times are rough in someone's life," said Norton.

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"It's still based on our lives, you know?" said Miller. "There's all sorts of craziness and drama and fans and stalkers and all sorts of different things."

"We are survivors. And I think everyone is going to be okay," said Coogan. "We're all going to survive this; but in the meantime, you can have a little laugh at our expense!"

Jeff MacIntyre is the show's co-creator, producer and director.

"We're thrilled and a little shocked they agreed to take part in this experiment. But the experience they bring to the project is incredible," said MacIntyre. "And more important, they're just really funny."

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"Most episodes are going to be no more than seven, eight minutes, tops," said Miller. "It's just a different world. It's a new media and it's really a lot of fun."

"'The Quarantine Bunch' is really just to bring some light-hearted humor into peoples' lives at a time when maybe there aren't as many things to smile about as usual," said Norton.

"These projects where you work at home are great because you don't have to wear the full costume. And this is what I wore - my 'Star Wars' pajamas!" laughed Coogan. "And nobody has to know!"

You can now find the show on YouTube, Facebook or
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