New movie 'The True Adventures of Wolfboy' tells story about not fitting in, embracing your differences

Young actor Jaeden Martell spent at least three-and-a-half hours in make-up to become the title character in "The True Adventures of Wolfboy."
HOLLYWOOD -- "The True Adventures of Wolfboy" tells the story of a 13 year old who was born with congenital hypertrichosis, a condition that causes an extreme amount of hair to grow all over the face and body.

On a good day, star Jaeden Martell spent three and a half hours in make-up...including having special pieces glued to his face.

"It felt so restrictive and I was terrified about not being able to portray any emotion," said Martell. "It was an interesting and difficult experience."

Jaeden's character runs off to find the mother he never knew, hoping she can fill in a lot of blanks, including why she left in the first place.

He winds up on a sometimes law-breaking journey with some newfound friends.

"It's definitely a story about not fitting in and sort of embracing your differences and embracing what makes you, you," said Martell.

"When you take away all the bells and whistles and Jaeden being a wolf boy and me being Trans, and everything like that, what you're left with is really like a coming-of-age film of accepting yourself," said actress Sophie Giannamore. "As a transgender person myself, that's like always what my goal is and that's the reason why I got into acting, just to portray stories that are so underrepresented and misrepresented when they are represented."

"He starts out with a mask on his face and then with his head down and then by the end of it, you feel like he's a new person with confidence," said Martell.

"The Adventures of Wolfboy" is available on demand on now.
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