Therapy dog stolen from Riverside cancer patient, police say

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (KABC) -- "I feel empty inside, I've had a hard time sleeping."

As Julie Treadwell walks her dog Ella, all is not well, because her other dog, her therapy dog Clyde-is missing.

"If you have my dog, please return him, I really need him," Treadwell pleaded.

For Treadwell, the loss of her 3-year-old Chihuahua-Pomeranian-terrier mix is devastating. Not only is she now homeless, but she's also fighting stage-three ovarian cancer.

She said Clyde has been at her side the whole time, until now.

"He's everything to me, and he helps me with my recovery from cancer, and I'm getting ready for treatments again, and I really need his support," said Treadwell.

Treadwell said Clyde was stolen from where she was living, a four-plex at the corner of 5th and Lime streets in downtown Riverside.

It happened on Aug. 9. "It was in the evening, and I went to go take a shower, Clyde was in the backyard, and when I came back he was gone," said Treadwell.

Riverside police officer Ryan Railsback said Treadwell has been able to come up with $100 as a reward for the return of Clyde, no questions asked.

"The main priority is finding the dog and getting back with the victim, and then we'll look at who may have taken the dog," said Railsbeck.

"Anyone out there if you've seen my dog, or may have him, or know somebody who does, please come forward, because we really want him to come back home where he belongs by my side," said Treadwell.

If you have any information about the animal's whereabouts, you are asked to directly contact Det. Laure Ellefson at (951) 826-8717 or
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