Todd Fisher: Debbie Reynolds wanted to be with daughter, Carrie Fisher

After a week of profound loss for Todd Fisher, he spoke to ABC News about the passing of his sister, Carrie Fisher, and his mother, Debbie Reynolds, who died within one day of each other.

"I watched it happen in front of my face. I was on her bed with her, and I watched her leave and go to Carrie," he explained.

Carrie Fisher passed on Tuesday and Debbie Reynolds on Wednesday. Todd Fisher opened up to ABC's Elizabeth Vargas Friday about the final moments of both women's lives.

"She then said that she really wanted to be with Carrie, in those precise words, and within 15 minutes of that conversation, she faded out, and within 30 minutes she technically was gone," Todd Fisher added.

He explained it was a peaceful passing.

"I mean, she started to have a stroke, and she just effectively went to sleep and didn't get up. She closed her eyes, peacefully like you're going to sleep and she literally went to sleep and left," Todd Fisher said.

He also cleared up some of the confusion that surrounded his sister's passing, which led from a heart attack suffered on a flight from London to Los Angeles. Many fans thought she would pull through after hearing that Debbie Reynolds said Carrie Fisher's condition had stabilized.

"Now what she meant by that, 'cause I was with her, she's stable in ICU. Now being stable in ICU means you're stable in ICU. You're in critical condition. So that never changed," he shared.

When asked if Carrie Fisher was on life support, Todd Fisher explained she was always critical.

"Yeah, that never changed," he said. "She was always critical. My mother always felt that she had already sort of left the building, so to speak. That was her feelings, but she had hope. We all had hope."

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