LAX installs 'smart restrooms' in Terminal 4, may expand use throughout airport

Have you ever walked into a public restroom and not known which stall is available? You look under the door or maybe even accidentally walk in on someone.

Now a new "smart restroom" seeks to eliminate those awkward moments. Allen Klevens, founder of Tooshlights, has created a red- and green-light system that alerts customers to which stalls are available.

"We're trying to eliminate a worldwide epidemic of not knowing which stall is available," Klevens said in an interview at Los Angeles International Airport. "With our Tooshlights, we're able to let our guests and passengers know where to go."

A 90-day pilot program at LAX is said to be in response to what customers want. According to Barbara Yamamoto, L.A. World Airports' chief experience officer, surveys conducted by LAX revealed "restroom cleanliness accessibility was among the most important when it came to airport experience."

The Tooshlights smart restroom does more than just alert customers where to go. A smart-pad collects data and allows customers to give real-time feedback to airport staff.

"Customers can let staff know the toilet paper needs to be refilled, or the restroom needs cleaning all through this smart-pad," said Tracy Davis, vice president of Infax.

Passengers visiting from other cities were impressed.

If the pilot program is successful, the use of smart restrooms will be expanded in LAX's Terminal 4 and throughout the airport.
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