Kern County firefighters rescue tortoise trapped in hole for several days

KERN COUNTY, Calif. -- Firefighters in Kern County helped rescue a tortoise named Bentley after the 25-year-old reptile became trapped in a hole.

The Sulcata tortoise had been stuck underground for several days.

The Kern County Fire Department shared video of the rescue on its Instagram page, along with a message.

"Kern County Firefighters from Rosamond and Mojave responded to a request from a resident to help free Bentley, her 25-year-old Sulcata Tortoise. Bentley had been stuck in this hole for several days and could not get himself out. Bentley had not had any food or water," it said.

Firefighters were able to cut through the roots that had trapped Bentley and then dug out the dirt around him. Bentley was then able to walk out on his own.
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