2 Metro projects involve shutting down trains, bringing service to more communities

POMONA, Calif. (KABC) -- There's good news and not-so-welcome news for commuters on two different Metro rail lines. While one project involves shutting down trains for months, another will bring service to more communities.

The old Santa Fe train station in Pomona is just a short distance from where you'll soon be able to take the Gold Line all the way into Los Angeles.

The change would provide more flexibility for commuters, thanks to the L.A. Metro board agreeing to spend another $97 million on the project.

The Gold Line extends as far east as Azusa right now. When finished, this would extend the Gold Line all the way into Pomona.

"My mom has a business that we're actually coming from right now, and the stop is right there, so it makes everything a lot easier than having to deal with all the lovely traffic that we have in L.A.," said Chino Hills resident Jessica Tadeo.

But while the news regarding the Gold Line might be something commuters can look forward to, as far as the Blue Line is concerned, there's going to be some short-term pain.

Earlier this week, officials announced that the Blue Line would be undergoing a $350 million modernization project. That means two four-month closures; the first of which starts Saturday.

Back in Pomona, the extension of the Gold Line would mean another option for Roxanne Tadeo to get to her business.

"It would because I don't like sitting in traffic," she said. "It's just wasted time in your life that you're never going to get back."

Construction bids could go out as soon as this summer. The project is expected to take five years.
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