CHP monitoring Grapevine as snow expected at lower elevations

CASTAIC, Calif. (KABC) -- For the next two days, California Highway Patrol officers will closely monitor the potential for snow and rain on the Grapevine.

"If the snow is not sticking, we won't shut the roadway down. But as soon as the snow starts sticking, then we're going to shut it down and keep it shut down until the conditions improve," CHP Officer Joshua Greengard said.

If there is a closure, travelers will be stopped at the Parker Road exit. The main reason they are quick to close the road is because of the lack of resources in the higher elevation.

"Since it's so far out there, it's hard to get emergency access out there. So we shut it down, have a couple of people up there trying to mitigate all of the traffic that's up there and trying to get it out and just wait for it to clear out," Greengard said.

For people who are able to drive through the Grapevine, officers stress the importance of slowing down. They said many accidents during the storm over the weekend were caused by speeding drivers.

To stay up to date on any potential closures, drivers can check
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