Project would expand Redlands train service

REDLANDS, Calif. (KABC) -- If the tracks in front of the Redlands train station look like they haven't been in use for a while, it's because they haven't been.

If they're not overgrown with weeds, then part of them have been paved over on Orange Street, but perhaps not for long.

"We are going to rehabilitate nine miles of partially abandoned freight line," said Carrie Schindler of the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority.

Schindler said the state has allocated more than a quarter-billion dollars to the county for a number of transportation projects, including the Redlands Extension.

There will be 25 round trips a day between Redlands and San Bernardino, plus a train for commuters heading for Los Angeles.

"So that one train will come out in the morning, pick up people in the downtown Redlands station, take them into LA Union Station, and then the reverse commute at the end of the day," Schindler said.

But they say there's also money for a brand new train that when finished, could be the first zero-emission passenger train in the country.

"The potential to bring zero-emission passenger rail, not just to San Bernardino County, but to the entire Metrolink service area is huge," said Ray Wolfe, also of the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority.

Besides the Redlands Extension, there's also funding to start construction on two express toll lanes on the 10 Freeway from LA County line heading east.

Jeammie Cartabiano says in her opinion express lanes are great, but extended rail service is even better.

"I love the train, the train is great, and this is a beautiful old station," Cartabiano said.

Construction on the main line is set to begin next year.
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